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Get To Know Me and the Brook House

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The Brook House- 

When it was designed in the late 60s by renowned architect Clothiel Smith, The Brook House established a new

category in residential communities: the high-rise with style. It's innovative design - revolving around a distinctive size

and shape for each of the four buildings consisting of 763 units as well as 14 different balcony structures - dramatically

embodied the blending of from and function into a single entity. the result was an aesthetically pleasing environment

that worked. The Brook House continues to excel now as a luxury condominium complex that is a community unto itself.

Its four buildings contain a world of comfort and convenience for the condominium owner.

City View - 44 Washington Street

City View has 12 stories and a spectacular view of downtown Boston. The first floor is devoted to commercial space. The

remaining floors comprise 132 studio units, 44 one-bedroom units, and 22 two-bedroom units.

Pond View - 33 Pond Avenue

This largest of the four buildings overlooks Leverett Pond. Numerous medial offices, The Brook House Security Station is

located on the first floor of Pond View. This building is 13 stories houses 191 one-bedroom units, 65 two-bedroom units,

6 two-bedroom duplexes, 2 three-bedroom duplexes and 1 deluxe three-bedroom penthouse.

The Towers - 77 Pond Avenue

This is the tallest of the four buildings, 14 stories high. Providing access to both ground level and the promenade, The

Towers serves as the focal point of the complex, comprising 94 one-bedroom units, 25 two-bedroom units, and 26 three

bedroom units.

The Atrium - 99 Pond Avenue

Set back on the southern edge of The Brookhouse's 8.2 acres. the Atrium is unique among the four structures. It

contains a seven-story atrium and an inner courtyard, with each of the four sides having a different height and layout.

The Brook House swimming pool is located behind The Atrium and its first and second floors houses the Health Club and

Resident's Lounge. There is a 1 studio unit, 81 one-bedroom units, 1 one-bedroom duplex, 1 one-bedroom penthouse, 50 two-bedroom units, 7 two-bedroom duplexes, and 14 three-bedroom units.

Beneath the complex lies a 77,000 square-floor parking garage with 792-car capacity. Serviced by two entrances, which are activated electronically by a magnetic card system, the garage is patrolled frequently by the Brook House Security Officers. The complex has an additional 67-car parking area available for the resident's; guests and for the Brook House visitors. The complex is handicapped accessible.

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I’m an expert Real Estate Agent who specializes in the Brook House. Since 1982, I’ve been helping my clients buy, sell and rent units along with helping to manage every aspect of the real estate process.

No matter if you’re looking to sell your current unit or buy a new one, I can help you find the ideal unit. My extensive network and insider-knowledge make me an asset you want on your team. I won’t rest until I secure you the best deal. Book an appointment with me today!

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